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Even when no sample from the mother is available for testing, relationships and descendancy can be determined with high probability. With 16 DNA markers which we routinely test, values between 99.9% and 99.9999% can be achieved.

In the test case Father – Child, only the characteristics inherited by the child from the father are determined. Additional certainty of the paternity test ( Vaterschaftstest ) is achieved through inclusion of a sample from the mother of the child. In general, the probability values reduce when the mother is not involved in the research.

The certainty of the paternity test is not, incidentally, dependant on the nature of the sample material. DNA can be extracted from a toothbrush, a baby’s pacifier, a used paper tissue from swabs with buccal cells or from blood. Hair (cutted or from a comb) is not particularly suitable for an analysis of descendancy. Hair must be torn out.

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1 How to take a sample for the test: Please use one swab per person. Open the test tube by unscrewing. The test persons are not allowed to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before taking the mouth swab..

2 Taking the mouth swab:
To take the mouth swab, rub the cotton bud firmly back and forth four times against the inside of each cheek (inside the mouth).
Please pay attention to the marking on the test tube!
If you want to have more than three people tested (e.g. second child), please use the swab marked “reserve” for this. Further swabs can be obtained from us on request..

3 After the test:
After taking the swab sample, allow it to dry in the open air for at least four hours (or longer e.g. over night). Place the swab in a glass so that the cotton bud protrudes out the top. The swab should only come into contact with the test person after opening. Put the dry swabs back to the paper envelope they came with.

4 Fill out the cotract:
Please indicate on the contract:
Origin (of the father, mother and child: white, coloured or Asian), gender of the child (f: female / m: male), name of the tested persons.
Please enter on the contract which test should be carried out and which people should be tested.
Sign the contract and enclose a copy of it with the test set..
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